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American Legion Post 43 Upgraded

American Legion Hollywood Post 43 Gets Acoustic Renovation

Adaptive's Steerables® Wall Mounts Chosen to Support Alcons Line Arrays

Built in 1929 by Hollywood veterans of WWI the American Legion Post has long been a historic site in Los Angeles. Members of the Hollywood American Legion are involved every day in helping veterans with accessing VA benefits and care, remedying financial hardship, supporting local ROTC programs, and raising money for college scholarships, all while enjoying great friendships, raising families, and expanding their social and professional networks. 

When renovations began, LA based firm nonzeroarchitecture had many considerations when it came to the classic building and the acoustics. The new audio system would be replacing a large mono speaker and horn PA system and would have to safely accommodate the new Alcons pro-ribbon system. 

The installation of this impressive new system was brilliantly conducted by LA based Cinema Technician and Pro AV Installation firm Stay on Screen in conjunction with nonzeroarchitecture and Adaptive Technologies Group was pleased to provide two robust SAS-500-WM line array wall mounts that can be seen on either side of the movie screen.

Many thanks and congratulations go out to Stay on Screen and nonzeroarchitecture for a beautiful renovation and audio installation!

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