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StarGrid™ Overhead Suspension System

Cinema Surround Sound Suspension System

StarGrid™ is comprised of load-rated and lockable channels, brackets, fittings, tubing and specialty rigging hardware that enable us to create a custom grid design unique to each auditorium. We provide pan-&- tilt mounts for ceiling and wall speakers, plus a variety of U-Brackets so you may specify any surround speaker you wish.

StarGrid™ is equipped with sound isolation brackets and components that prevent sound from transmitting into other auditoriums. Other features such as wire management, safety cables and redundant safety back-ups are included with every StarGrid™ design.

Perhaps the most important feature of the StarGrid™ system is the detailed assembly and installation manual that ships with each kit. This manual provides the installer with a dimensional “Start Here” approach and documents all of the assemblies into one very easy to understand installation guide. This is what makes installing ceiling speakers so predictable.

StarGrid™ Components

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