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Electrical Hoist System

Adaptive Mount Flying Hoist

1 Ton Lift System

Chain Hoist and Electrical Components

Designing overhead video walls and clusters of loudspeakers into large facilities requires lifts and heavy rigging to complete a permanent installation and is expected as part of the overall project cost. Servicing them at a
future date is less predictable and often times it is no practical or even possible to get a lift back into the installation area.

Other installations require multiple height positions, such as in sporting venues and entertainment venues.
In these cases, equipping the video wall or speaker cluster with its own Electrical Hoist System allows the entire rig to go up and come down at the push of a button. Let Adaptive engineer the hoist and electrical system to build in height flexibility and assure trouble-free service and maintenance.

Standard Features

Electrical Hoist System
  • Slow & quiet up and down action
  • Wall panel or hand held control options
  • Optional 240/120 breakout box available

Optional Accessories

Electrical Hoist System
  • See rigging components datasheet

Package Contents

Electrical Hoist System

1pc Electric Motor

1pc Chain Bag 

Electrical Diagram

Hoist Electrical Diagram

Hoist Electrical Diagram
Hoist Electrical Diagram
Hoist Electrical Diagram

Hoist Electrical Diagram

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