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Cinema Surround Mounts & Hardware

Cinema Surround Sound Mounting & Rigging Systems

Cinema Surround Mounts Categories

Adaptive’s cinema surround mounts and hardware can be found installed in thousands of theaters all over the world. Categories for cinema speaker mounts include, Pan  & Tilt (2 axis) speaker mounts, standard tilt speaker mounts, overhead/ceiling pan, tilt and roll (3 axis) speaker mounts and ceiling installation hardware. Adaptive’s Mounting Solutions are in high demand and very popular with pro A/V installation teams setting up both immersive and non-immersive sound cinema auditoriums. Adaptive’s engineering department works with architects, consultants, system integrators and installers on custom designs regularly. 

Adaptive cinema surround mounts and rigging solutions can be found in the following theaters across the globe. 

AMC and Wanda Cinemas, Cinemark, Marcus Theatres, Maya Cinemas, Galaxy Theatres, Technicolor / By deluxe, Sony Pictures, JBL Harman Professional, Cineworld, Cineplex, Kerasotes Theatres, Arclight & Pacific Cinemas, Disney Imagineering, Cinerama, Caribbean Cinemas, Kinepolis, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, CGV Cinemas, Alamo Drafthouse, Warren Theatres, 20th Century Fox, Netflix Studios, Malco Theaters, National Amusements, Cineplex, Emagine Entertainment, Santikos Theatres, Pathe Cinemas, Hoyts Cinemas, Cinema City, Universal Pictures, Deluxe Digital Cinema Nordisk Film, Cinemaxx, Cinepolis, Empire Cinemas Limited, Cinemex, Utopia, Vue Cinemas, Forum Film, Odeon Cinemas Malco Theatres, Krikorian Theatres, Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, B&B Theatres and many more movie theatres, post production facilities and film studios over the world!  

Pan & Tilt Mounts

Cinema Surround Mounts - MultiMount - MM-060 - 60 lb Audio Mount

Tilt Only Mounts

Cinema Surround Mounts - 15 degree tilt speaker mount

Ceiling Mounts

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