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Line Array Rigging

Adaptive’s Line Arrays 

Line Array Rigging

Complete Family of Adjustable Rigging Components for JBL Professional ASB Sub-Woofer, ideal for use with stadium horns in sports stadiums and…

WLL | 2200 lb

FEATURES | Supports up to 10 ASB 4128 & 6128 and 7128 sub woofers

Adaptive’s outdoor rated Universal Grid is a load-rated heavy-duty frame designed to support overhead rigging of medium and large format loudspeakers, loudspeaker clusters, including line arrays, subs and…

WLL | 3200 lb 

FEATURES | Permanently supports mid-size and large clusters

Assemble JBL’s ASB sub woofers vertically in the horizontal orientation, up to 10 cabinets in a row using Adaptive’s interconnecting Strap Kits

WLL | 2200 lb

FEATURES | Supports ASB 4128, 6128 & 7128 Sub Woofers

The RS-ASB-TG Top Grid assembly will fly up to 10 ASB 4128, ASB 6128 or ASB 7128 sub woofers into a line array configuration. Simply secure the front and rear speaker Straps Kits of the top speaker cabinet permanently underneath the Grid’s four load-rated interlocks

WLL | 2200 lb

FEATURES | Supports up to 10 ASB 4128 & 6128 and 7128 sub woofers

Assemble clusters and fly JBL’s PD5125 loudspeakers together vertically, up to 8 cabinets in a row using the RS-PD5125-AJ Rigging Kit

WLL | 1600 lb

FEATURES | Permanently supports small & mid-size clusters

Mount Finders

Mount & Hardware Finders

Adaptive strives to make finding compatible mounts and hardware easier for our valued partners.

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