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Projector Lifts & Mounts

With Adaptive's family of projector lifts & enclosures there is no longer a need for exhibitors to build projection booths, thus dramatically reducing the construction cost and at the same time increasing box office revenue by adding rows of seats.
Pro-Lift-144 Projector Lift

Externally Ventilated Sound Isolated Projector Lift


Our Pro-Lift-144 supports smooth vertical travel up to 12 feet high on structural rails and anchors into the auditorium’s back wall, hidden behind a 2-piece safety cover with finger guards. This premier design starts with a spacious, very quiet and well ventilated enclosure that houses high powered cinema projectors, power supplies and 3D attachments. Four side doors on compression locks provide significant access to make servicing projectors efficient. An upper panel connects internal ventilation to a ceiling mounted docking station. Its redundant emergency braking system, protective side guards and phone home capability make it perhaps the industry’s most functional, safest and reliable projector-lift system available. View more of our Projector Lifts & Mounts below.

Rail Guided, Wall Mounted Projector Lifts




The rail guided lift lets you install the projector box on the top of the back wall, in the auditorium and lower it to its service position. The combination of the Pro-Lift-Wall and the Pro-Lift-Enclosure allows the installation of a DCI digital projector inside the auditorium. Pro-Lift-Wall is professionally engineered, includes a strong and reliable motorization capable of raising your projector between 10’ 2” and 16.75’ depending on the selected model. Its design ensures low maintenance requirements and has extremely accurate repeatabilty. It comes with a built-in fall protection, which makes this system very safe. View more of our Projector Lifts & Mounts below.

Pro-Lift-Scissor Overhead Scissor Style Projector Lift

Ceiling Mounted Projector Scissor Lift




The Pro-Lift-Scissor is professionally engineered, computer controlled and UL listed. It includes a strong and reliable motorization, capable of lowering your projector between 8.2 and 16.4 feet, depending on the selected model. The Pro-Lift Overhead Scissor Lift System is designed to support Adaptive’s Pro-Lift-Enclosure (Modular Projector Enclosure) from overhead structures. This electrically powered motorized dual winch system raises the projector enclosure into a stowed position where it is out of view.
The Pro-Lift-Scissor runs smooth and very quiet and it’s equipped with three adjustable stop sensors.
This scissor lift comes with a power and signal wire management system pre-installed to the side of the system. View more of our Projector Lifts & Mounts below.

P-BOX-15 Internally Ventilated Projector Enclosure

Internally Ventilated, Sound Isolated Projector Enclosure




This projector enclosure is professionally engineered, computer controlled and UL listed. It includes an internally ventilated airflow system to keep projectors within their optimum temperature range. An on-board computer controller monitors the integrity of the cooling fans and provides an alarm that can be sent out to a NOC. Adaptive’s modular projector enclosure is a light weight, internally ventilated and sound isolated enclosure designed to house cinema laser projectors in permanent applications. Important features include its all-aluminum, temperature sensors and a phone home capability. This efficiently designed housing allows for both side and front loading projectors to accommodate various auditorium layouts.

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