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Beam Clamps | Overhead Structural Attach Points

Creating suitable overhead structural suspension points for rigging can be difficult. Using the building’s own structure can provide more options for the installer.

Channel Beam Clamps

Rugged suspension mounts made to offer a safe and predictable method of rigging grids, clusters arrays and many other applications from the buildings beam structure. Choose from single hang point, dual hang point and open hang point. 

Gimbaled Beam Clamps

Another member of the channel style beam clamp, the Gimbaled Beam Clamp is unique in that it offers a gimbaled swivel eye that accommodates up to 20 degrees of off-axis side loading in any direction without losing any of its working load.

Off-Set Beam Clamps

This hook style beam clamp is adjustable and mounts flush underneath the building’s I-Beam’s flange. Use the BC-2824-SERIES hook style beam clamp to provide a load rated overhead rigging point from structural I-Beams with widths ranging from 2″ and 6″, 6″ and 9″ or 9″ and 12″.

Scissor Beam Clamps

The scissor style beam clamp secures to the I-Beams flanges and accommodates 1/2 to 13 threaded rod or eyebolt for suspension. This design gets stronger as the applied weight increases.

All Weather Beam Clamps

This All-Weather Beam Clamp adjusts to beam flanges from 5-16″ wide and is designed for indoor and outdoor applications. Hang point is adjustable allowing for centered or offset applications.

Swivel Arm Beam Clamps

Swivel Beam Clamps secure to a building’s overhead structural beams, steel or wood, for widths ranging from 3.0” to 12.0” (76 to 305 mm) wide. It’s lower suspension arm comes in a variety of lengths to suit the needs of the installation and rotates 360 degrees for precise aiming.