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Come join us! Get to know Adaptive’s AV TEAM and all the AV solutions we have for your cinemas.

Solutions such as our pre-engineered immersive auditorium StarGrid ™ kits and all the easy to install components for overhead sound systems.  

“You ask for it We build it”

Here at Adaptive we also design and manufacture load-rated cinema solutions that maximize your auditorium space such as our Pro-Lift™ projector wall and scissor lifts. Truly, they’re as simple as Plug n’ Play.


Would you like to hush Projectors inside your auditoriums? Come learn about our Internally ventilated and sound isolated enclosures that also serve as projector pods. We’re talking serious noise reduction here!


You may be wondering…What is the Future of Cinema Exhibition?…

Come see how we are addressing Direct View LED screens. Adaptive has been building large format video wall frames for many years and are ready to build them for you too.


We want to help you shape your next generation of auditoriums so come talk to us in Las Vegas and take advantage of our 30 years of experience serving the Cinema Industry. See you there!

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