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HoverGrids: Flyable LCD LED Video Walls

Flyable Video Wall Frames for Hyundai, LG, NEC, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung and Sharp Monitors

Popular Configurations for Flyable LCD LED Video Walls

Today’s technology lets you display huge images across multiple screens to present ‘Bigger-than-life’ messages to targeted audiences. Adaptive provides the engineering and the frame work to make that possible. Adaptive has been the leader and pioneer in Flyable LCD LED Video Walls and Frames. We provide mounting and rigging frames for large format video walls for venues around the world. Adaptive’s ultra-rigid interlocking Hover-Grid™ frames, for instance make setting up for a trade exhibit fast, safe and predictable. For more permanent applications and in any configuration up to 5X5, Adaptive provides its VWD mounting frames design.

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