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LED Ground Support System

This innovative ground support system includes everything you need to set up video walls. Quickly build up to 16 monitors wide and 9 monitors tall using 500 mm LED monitors. Or add the single column extension to assemble a 17 X 9. Loc-N-Load sets up and packs up in half the time that it takes using conventional ground support methods.

The Loc-N-Load’s telescoping T-Base supports two vertical columns of monitors (up to 9 high). They connect to the next T-Base and to the next, etc. Each T-Base is equipped with three adjustable gliders as well as X and Z axis bubble levels so your crew can get the first tier of monitors locked into the same plane quickly.

The telescoping Back Brace connects to the back of the T-Base and extends upward to the 4th, 5th and 6th tiers as the T-Base extends outward. This provides a higher reach and an anchor point to the upper tier monitors as the video wall grows higher.

When dismantled, all of the T-Bases, Back Braces and Back Stays quickly stow onto the rolling cart, along with the single-column T-Base extension. Cart weight fully loaded is less than 850lbs.

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