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OmniMount to MultiMount Cross Reference

Working Load CategoryApplicationOmniMount®WLLMultiMount®WLL
20-30 lb.Ceiling to Back20.5 STX-MP20.5MM-008-CM, MM-01825
Ceiling to Back20.5 CA-MP20.5MM-008-CM25
Ceiling to Back30.0 STX-MP30
Ceiling to Back30.0 CA-MP-IFK30
60 lb.Ceiling to Back60.0 STX-MP60MM-018, MM-01860
Ceiling to Back60.0 CA-MP60MM-018, MM-3RDX-1860
60MM-018-CM, MM-06060
60MM-018, MM-3RDX-1860
120 lb.Ceiling to Back120.0 CA-MP120MM-120120
Ceiling to Back120.0 STX-MP120MM-3RDX-120, MM-120120
15-30 lb.Wall to Back20.5 WA20.5MM-00815
Wall to Back30.0 WA30MM-01025
Wall to BackMM-016, MM-01525
Wall to Back
60 lb.Wall to Back60.0 WA60MM-022, MM-24, MM-06060
Wall to BackMM-022, MM-24, MM-06060
120 lb.Wall to Back120.0 WA120MM-120120
15-30 lb.Wall to bottom / top20.5 WB20.5MM-00815
Wall to bottom30.0 WBX30
60 lb.Wall to bottom / top60.0 WB60MM-022, MM-24, MM-06060
Wall to bottom / top60.0 WBX60MM-06060
Wall to bottom / top60.0 WBXMM-06060
Wall to bottomMM-018, MM-3RDX-1860
Wall to bottomMM-022, MM-24, MM-06060
MM-022, MM-24, MM-06060
120 lb.Wall to bottom120.0 WBX120MM-3RDX-120120
Wall to bottom / top120.0 WB120MM-120120
15-30 lb.Wall to all sides20.5 ST-MP20.5MM-008-CM, MM-00815
Wall to all sides30.0 ST-MP30MM-016, MM-01820
Ceiling to backMM-008-CM, MM-00825
60 lb.Ceiling to back60.0 ST-MP60MM-008-CM, MM-00815
Wall to all sidesMM-016, MM-01820
Wall to all sidesMM-008-CM, MM-00825
120 lb.Ceiling to back120.0120MM-3RDX-120, MM-120120