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Audio Pole Mounts 6 Inches in Diameter and Below

Adaptive Technologies Group's audio speaker pole mounts and systems can be found in the biggest stadiums, arenas and event centers across the globe. Our audio speaker pole mount components can be arranged in multiple configurations to achieve whatever design your team desires.

Audio Pole Mounts 6 Inches and Below | Configurations

Some times professional grade audio installations require multiple components to achieve a safe and effective system. Below are examples of configurations for Audio Pole Mounts 6 Inches and Below and the parts that would be needed. 

Single Speaker Pole Mount Components

Below is a list of the components needed to achieve a safe and efficient single pole mount installation for audio pole mounts 6 inches and below. Click the products below to view specifications, datasheets and drawings for the products

Indoor / Outdoor Standard Pole Mounting Components

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Pole Mounting Components

For environments within 5 miles of the ocean due to salt corrosion.
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