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AFGS-LTIII Series Rigging Grid
Adjustable Flying Grid System

The Bose LTIII family of loudspeakers are arrayed quickly and easily using the load-rated semi-circular AFGS Grid System.

The AFGS Grid System offers an efficient light-weight suspension grid with adjustable suspension spokes that place loudspeakers into highly tunable spherical arrays.

LT Loudspeakers are rigged to a rotatable suspension arm using two top mounted eyebolts, carabiners and a lower pull-back bracket, which creates a pull-back point for tilting the speaker.

This specially designed suspension arm assembles to the spoke, creating an independent horizontal adjustment for the speaker.

Once the spoke, arm and speaker are aimed in the desired direction, an adjustable cable coupler, that attaches between the speaker pull-back bracket and the center hub of the AFGS Grid, set and lock the speaker into the desired vertical down tilt angle.



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