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EAW 2X1 Cluster Pack & Line Array Rigging Kit

The low profile FasPac array kits provide a wide variety of configurations for EAW AX Series loudspeaker cabinets. FasPAc™ allows users the flexibility to create clusters up to three cabinets wide or three tiers high.
FasPac™ provides an easy and safe way to fly tightly packed loudspeakers in a planar array fashion then steer the
array as one unit. In addition, FasPac™ offers precise splay angling between cabinets to allow for the distance from the audience. Once clustered together, the array may be steered using the One-Way-Array and tilted by way of the Steerables Tilt Cable kit.

Array plates gives designers the ability to create a variety of required configurations for each specific project. In addition, installers will save time assembling the loudspeakers together providing for a smooth predictable installation.

Standard Features
Optional Accessories

Standard Features

  • Top and bottom load-rated clustering plates
  • Rear Hinge Assembly
  • Adjustable splay angles
  • Rigging horizontally or vertically
  • Built in hang points for multiple tiers


Material: Structural Steel4 pcs Joiner Plates
Finish: Powder Coat2 pcs Eyebolt, M10X35m
Color: Black2 pcs Eyebolt, M10X50mm
Design Factor: 5:11pc Hardware Kit
WLL: 400 lb. / 181 Kg.


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Optional Accessories

  • Steerables tilt cable kit  (standard or custom)
  • Gridlink rigging beams
  • Add-on suspension eyebolt kit
  • Load rated hardware
  • Bridle and suspension cables


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