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Standard Outdoor Pole Mounts

The UniFrame is a complete mounting solution for outdoor loudspeakers. Its design combines the attributes of the PoleStar® stainless “a-lacarte” version into just two models produced in steel and then galvanized to an outdoor weather rating.

This single speaker pole mount reduces the amount of parts required for the job site and saves installation time by combining the support arm and the pole adapter together into one assembly. In addition, two stainless steel band kits are included, which only require a socket set to assemble.

The support arm is welded together for extra strength and durability. Each arm includes three attach point mounting holes at the end of the arm that allow the installer to select the desired distance between the loudspeaker and the pole.

Standard Features
Optional Accessories


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Standard Features

  • Uni-Frame assembly adds strength and reduces installation time.
  • Longer pole interface increases structural capacity.
  • Rugged outdoor galvanized finish to ASTM A123 and
    ISO1461 specifications.
  • Three arm mounting points to accommodate all speaker models.
  • Angled brace increases structural stability during severe
    weather conditions.
  • Support arm may be oriented up or down for installation flexibility.
  • Dual adapter may be secured to the Uni-Frame for a three-way installation.


Material: Steel Alloy
Finish: Galvanized
Color: Silver
WLL: 190 lb / 86.4 Kg single speaker
Design Factor: 10:1 ratio
*WLL = Working Load Limit



Optional Accessories

Description Part Number Ship Weight Working Load* Safety
Safety Anchor Mount PM-SAFETY-6DOWN 2.8 lb. / 1.3 Kg 500 lb. / 227.3 Kg 10:1
18” Safety cable with shackles SC-188-18-SS .55 lb. / 25 Kg 840 lb. / 381.8 Kg 10:1
24” Safety cable with shackles SC-188-24-SS .75 lb. / 34 Kg 840 lb. / 381.8 Kg 10:1
48” Safety cable with shackles SC-188-48-SS 1.05 lb. / 48 Kg 840 lb. / 381.8 Kg 10:1
72” Safety cable with shackles SC-188-72-SS 2.00 lb. / .91 Kg 840 lb. / 381.8 Kg 10:1
20″ SS-Band Kit / pair PM-BAND-20S 2.00 lb. / .91 Kg 100 lb. / 45.5 Kg 10:1


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