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Front And Rear Adjustable Speaker Strap Kit

Assemble JBL’s VLA301i line array loudspeakers for desired coverage in the
horizontal orientation, up to 8 cabinets in a row using Adaptive’s adjustable
interconnecting Strap Kits.
This relatively easy-to-assemble rigging kit comes with two pivoting connector
straps that secure to the fly points of the front of the VLA301i speaker cabinets,
whitch interlock into the front straps of the cabinet above and below it.
Two adjustable rear Strap Kits secure
to the rear fly points of the speaker
which allows the speaker cabinet to
interlock with speakers above and
below into their desired angles, from
tight-pack out to 6 degrees in 1/2°
degree increments.
These Strap kits connect to the front and rear receptacles of the Top Grid, which provides a safe cluster rigging structure while allowing the
entire cluster to be tilted up or down for precise sound coverage.
They will also connect with the RS-VLA-i-301-PB Pull Back assembly for when medium to very steep down tilt angles are required.
In addition, Strap Kits can interlock into the Step Bracket, which steps down from VVLA301i to the VLA601i loudspeaker. This provides
additional close-range coverage by allowing the VLA601i loudspeaker to be suspended under the VLA301i cabinet.



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