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100lb Indoor Ceiling Mount

The Steerables® Ceiling Mount, SAS-100-CM, suspends and aims loudspeakers and other objects weighing up to 100 lbs/45 Kg up close to ceiling and other overhead surfaces.

This design is ideal for applications where cabinets equipped with suspension points need to be suspended and aimed, close but out of reach of the audience. Typical applications include churches, schools, gymnasiums, auditoriums, theme parks, nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

Loudspeaker cabinets equipped with suspension or mounting points can be easily mounted and aimed from ceilings and other structurally secure overhead structures with unprecedented ease of installation and precise adjustments.

Standard Features
Optional Accessories

Standard Features

  • Suspends and aims flyable and mountable loudspeakers
  • Secures to ceiling and other overhead structures using standard schedule 40, 1-1/2″ diameter pipe.
  • More headroom keeps cabinets out of reach
  • Unique cross arm steering mechanism offers 360° of pan control
  • Significant reductions in installation and planning time
  • Adapts to standard Adaptive U-Series mounts and Steerables® Tilt Cable Kits


Material: Structural Steel Alloy1 pc. Ceiling Plate
Finish: Powder Coat1 pc. 1-1/2″ Connector Tube
Color: Black1 pc. Cross Arm
Pan Rotation: 360° horizontal swivel max.1 pc. Hardware Kit
Working Load Limit: 100 lbs./45 kg.
Design Factor: 10:1 ratio based on ultimate yield point
Net Weight: 11.5 lbs./5.2 Kg.
Shipping Weight: 12.5 lbs./5.7 Kg
Pack Count: 1/carton
Hardware for mounting to the ceiling structure is not included.
Tilt mechanism is ordered separately.



Optional Accessories

  • Strut Attachments
  • Tilt mechanisms


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