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40″ Steerable Speaker Cross Arm

Save time and reduce clutter. The One-Way-Array™ is an easy use load-rated and off-the-shelf loudspeaker rigging and aiming system for single loudspeakers. It is ideal for aiming sound for left and right of house configurations and provides side & back fill coverage where speakers cannot be wall mounted.

The top section of the One-Way-Array rigs from two overhead suspension points such as along a beam. The lower section supports the loudspeaker but rotates relative to the upper section, up to 360° horizontally. This gives the installer precise horizontal aiming of the loudspeaker.

For precise vertical tilting, select from a variety of U-Brackets or Steerables® Adjustable Tilt Cable Kit systems. Load rated shackles and wire ropes are included in these kits.

Standard Features
Optional Accessories


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Standard Features

  • Steer Speakers up to 360° pan angle
  • Supports loads up to 300lb
  • Includes suspension hardware & decorative end caps
  • Load rated steel alloy components
  • Tough enamel powder coat


Material: Alloy structural steel tube powder
Finish: coat paint
Color: Black
WLL: 300 lbs/136 Kg
Design Factor: 10:1 ratio
Pack Count: 1/carton
* Includes eyebolts & hardware kit


Optional Accessories

  • 1. Steerables Tilt Cable Kit for tilt angle control
  • 2. Fixed width U-Brackets for tilt angle control
  • 3. Beam Clamps, Swivel Rings and rigging chain
    available to create hanging points
  • 4. Eyebolts, Shackles and Turnbuckles
    available for complete install
  • 5. Wire Rope components and supplies


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