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86 Inch Two Way Speaker Cluster Rigging System

The Two-Way-Array® is an easy to fly, off the shelf loudspeaker aiming and suspension system. It forms simple two speaker clusters for small front-of-house applications and forms, left and right front-of-house clusters for larger venues.
The Two-Way-Array® also serves as an excellent way to direct sound toward two levels such as at a balcony with one speaker and the floor level with the other speaker. Multiple vertical tiers of Two-Way-Array® can accomplish the same for larger venues. Ideal applications include theatres, churches, school auditoriums, gymnasiums and theme parks. Multiple hole placements allow for many combinations of
dead hangs, down tilts and pan angles, depending on the specific sound coverage requirements for very precise aiming of sound.

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Standard Features
Optional Accessories


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Standard Features

  • Modular approach to 2 speaker arrays
  • Independent pan and tilt adjustment
  • Expandable horizontally and vertically
  • Fast predictable set up and aiming
  • Ideal for permanent and live sound applications
  • Off the shelf, ready-to-ship to the job site
  • Load-rated structural steel tubing and fittings
  • CG dependent, no chasing of angles


Material: Structural steel alloy tube 1 pc 86″ Suspension beam
Finish: Powder Coat Paint 2 pc Cross arm
Color: Black 1 pc Hardware kit
WLL: 450 lb / 204 Kg 1 set Load rated shackles & eyebolts
Design Factor: 10:1


Optional Accessories

  • Steerables Tilt Cable system controls tilt angle
  • Fixed width, U-Bracket controls tilt angle
  • Expands horizontally with Gridlink™ Connector
  • Add-on suspension eyebolt kit
  • Bridle and suspension cables (standard and custom)


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