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Threaded Pipe
1/2 inch Shedule 40 NPS

Adaptive provides kits of pre-painted, fixed length section threaded pipe and safety cables for use in vertical suspensions of audio and video equipment and other objects. Secure any of these pipe sections above to one of Adaptive’s heavy-duty ceiling mounts or strut channel adapters and a variety of adapters and mounts below.

1/2 inch Pipe Selections
Standard Features
Optional Accessories


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1/2 inch Pipe Selections

1-1/2 inch Part #’sLengthShipping Weight
PIPE-500NPS-0303″ Long Pipe.2 lb/.09 kg
PIPE-500NPS-0606″ Long Pipe.8 lb/.36 kg
PIPE-500NPS-0909″ Long Pipe 1 lb/.45 kg
PIPE-500NPS-1212″ Long Pipe 1.2 lb/.54 kg
PIPE-500NPS-1818″ Long Pipe1.5 lb/.68 kg
PIPE-500NPS-2424″ Long Pipe2.2 lb/1 kg
PIPE-500NPS-3030″ Long Pipe2.7 lb/1.23 kg
PIPE-500NPS-3636″ Long Pipe3.2 lb/1.45 kg
PIPE-500NPS-4848″ Long Pipe4.2 lb/1.91 kg

Standard Features

  • Pipe Sections are pre-threaded with taper.
  • Body is powder coated black
  • Pre-measured safety cable included


Material: Schedule 40 Steel Pipe1 pc Pipe 1/2 NPS
Finish: Powder Coat1 pc Safety Cable
Color:Black1 pc Flat Washer 1/4″
 Design Factor: 5:11 pc Quick Link 1/4″
 Safety Cable: 120lbs
 WLL: 597lbs/2.71kg
 Shipping Weight: See Table


Optional Accessories

Mount Finders

Mount & Hardware Finders

Adaptive strives to make finding compatible mounts and hardware easier for our valued partners.

Be sure to check back for more options as we are developing more helpful tools every month.

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