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FASPAC – Renkus Heinz Loudspeaker Line Array Rigging

Adaptive’s professional grade audio rigging collection is comprised of load rated, efficient rigging components that work seamlessly together to achieve professional grade audio installations and video installations. The Adaptive team works with AV integrators, architects and engineers on custom designs on a regular basis to achieve amazing custom applications as well.

Renkus Heinz 2-3 Loudspeaker Line Array Rigging

Renkus Heinz STX5 2X1 Line Array Rigging Kit

Clustering and flying STX5 loudspeakers is easy, safe and very predictable. This planar array suspension kit joins two STX5 cabinets together to be flown as one. Multiple attach points allow them to be tight-packed….

Design Factor | 5:1

FEATURES | Rigging horizontally or vertically

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