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Rigging Chain Hitches

Rigging chain hitches produced from high strength alloy steel provide a load rated method of creating suspension points within a venue for spanning systems, such as wire rope assemblies and span sets chain motors, etc. There are three stock lengths from which to choose from and custom lengths are also available.

Each rigging chain kit provides a predictable way to span two points under load or for use in creating overhead hang points, such as bridling from structural beams, channels and trussing. Chain can make tighter bends than wire rope & span sets such as over beams and other structure shapes. Many contractors additionally use burlap and other cushioning materials to pad the sharp corners to retain working load limits for chain.

Hitch Types
Basket Hitch Choker Hitch Direct Hitch
 Part Number  Diameter  QTY Links  Length
 RC-0036  9/32″ – Grade 80  41 Links  36″ / 914mm
 Part Number  Diameter  QTY Links  Length
 RC-0024  9/32″ – Grade 80  27 Links  24″ / 610mm
 Part Number  Diameter  QTY Links  Length
 RC-0018  9/32″ – Grade 80  21 Links  18″ / 457mm
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