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Wood Beam Clamps and Adapters | Overhead Structural Attach Points

The Gimbaled Style beam clamp is unique in that it offers a gimbaled swivel eye that accommodates up to 20 degrees of off-axis side loading in any direction without losing any of its working load.
Wood beam clamp adapter

The BC-LAM-KIT is an adapter bracket for the standard BC Series channel style beam clamps. With this adapter kit, the standard I-beam clamps can be attached to wood/laminated beams. When used with the BC3-8 it is adjustable from 1” wide to 6.75” wide wood beams……

Design Factor | 5:1

FEATURES | Adapts to BC (Beam Clamp) Series

6 to 10 inch wood beam clamp

When suspending audio video or lighting applications from wooden beams Adaptives BC-GSA-100 beam clamp makes installations safe and easy. Once beam clamp is secured to wooden beam, multiple suspension mounts can be attached depending on the application…….

Design Factor | 5:1

FEATURES | Adapts to MP-500NPT-GSA

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