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Ground Supported Video Wall Frames

LCD & LED Ground Supported Video Wall Frames

Adaptive Technologies Group creates digital signage video wall frames and structures that accommodate multiple LCD, LED and Plasma monitors. Adaptive video wall frames can be found supporting some of the most elaborate and impressive video walls across the globe. We offer LCD and LED Ground Supports for Video Walls in permanent installations as well as the AV rental and staging industry. Select one or more of the following design styles that fit your application.

Portable / Touring

For a quick LED video wall set up and transport, select Adaptive’s Loc-N-Load® ground support system. Both single and dual column T-Bases set up video walls fast and travel in its own road cart. All aluminum construction allows for curved walls. Great for live shows, trade shows, education and worship facilities.

Bridge Style

Amaze audiences by surrounding them with attention-getting video content as they pass under an amazing free-standing Bridge-style LED video wall frame. Vertical and horizontal columns include fine-tune adjustments to assure that the pixels of vertical and horizontal LED tiles line up properly where they meet. Any size and configuration can be designed structurally and all the components assemble onsite using common tools.

Trolley Systems

Put your video wall in motion by adding trolleys and floor track systems. Move large format video walls forward and backwards or left and right. Both electric and manual systems add versatility in the use of the video wall and compliment coordinated motion and content. Overhead trollies are also available. See “Ceiling Mounts”.

Curved Style

Arrange LCD and LED monitors into impressive any-size curved video walls in either a concave or convex configuration. Curved video wall frames are modular in design making them easy to ship, assemble and install. Bolt down and rolling options are available.

Wall Braced

Build video walls out and away from structural walls. Adaptive provides adjustable wall braces that help support large format video walls. Ground supported but wall-stabilized provides a sturdy structure and allows for service techs to work behind the wall, allow for storage, gives presenters a place to stage, etc.

A-Frame Style

Select this style ground supported video wall when a vertical structural wall cannot be used for support. Build any size video wall using this style by anchoring its base into a foundation. Adaptive address environment, wire management and installation location prior to completing the design and all of its components assemble easily on site.

LCD & LED Ground Support Mount Designs

Choose from standard mounts or work directly with our team of engineers to design and manufacture exactly what you need.

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