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Adaptive Technologies Group Ramps Up Production of Its Boothless Solutions

Studio Movie Grill goes Boothless by Eliminating Projection Booths in Favor of Adaptive’s Projector Lift & Enclosures.

June 5 2019 – Orlando, FL – In partnership with CES+ (Miami FL), Adaptive Technologies Group was delighted to be engaged on the construction of Studio Movie Grill’s newest movie theatre prototype, SMG Sunset Walk in Orlando, FL. which opened in March.

Dallas-based Studio Movie Grill (“SMG”), the leader and premier provider of the in-theater dining experience, opened its doors as the largest anchor for Sunset Walk at Margaritaville Resort Orlando.  SMG’s latest prototype eliminated all projection booths and replaced them with high tech digital projectors using lift and enclosure systems supplied by Adaptive Technologies Group. By choosing lifts over actual booth spaces, SMG increased its total seat capacity and its ability to accommodate more movie goers.

In this latest SMG multiplex, a total of 10 wall lifts (PL-3800-WL) and 10 internally ventilated enclosures (P-BOX-15) were selected for 10 of the 12 auditoriums and an additional 2 larger projector lifts systems (PL-144-WL) for the largest 2 auditoriums, all of which were installed successfully. Adaptive engineers were challenged with designing a complex ventilation adaptation to accommodate two powerful NEC NC 2041L laser projectors. The custom airflow adaption design inside the enclosure is equipped with a pre-engineered temperature monitoring system which continuously surveils and thus prevents the projector from overheating inside the Pro-Lift-144 enclosure.

The entire installation was entirely successful thanks to the expertise of CES+. With their installation teams, CES+ met their launch dates and SMG Sunset Walk successfully opened its doors on Tuesday March 28.

”SMG is very pleased with the deployment of the Sunset Walk location. CES+ fully understands our design requirements and their proposed Adaptive Technology solution aligned with our needs. We continually strive to offer our guests the best possible experience and make every effort possible to leverage our partnership with CES+ to engage the best manufacturers and solutions to improve the efficiency of our operations,“ said Andrew Bucki, VP of Development Studio Movie Grill

We pride ourselves in ensuring our clients are always up-to-date with the latest and most innovative technology. At CES+, we have a culture of innovation and are always happy to assist our customers in their needs by being able to bridge the gap between our customers and technology partners. The installation of the Studio Movie Grill’s first all lift location marks another milestone in our longstanding partnership with SMG. The best exhibitors deserve the best partners. Daniela Figueroa: Director of Sales, CES+

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