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Adaptive’s Pro-Lift-144 Installed in 8 Auditoriums in Beuna Park, CA

Boothless Projector Lifts Utilized in Amazing New Theater

A total of 8 Pro-Lift-144s  have been installed and are now operational at CGV Cinema in Buena Park California.   These designs offer quieter running and a smoother, safer and more efficient operation. The low profile two-piece vertical framework is a bolt-in, sound-isolated, structure which secures to the auditorium’s rear wall, installing quickly, safely and easily. Its spacious projector enclosure is also acoustically-treated to reduce noise and it assembles on-site, thus assuring its transportability through narrow hallways and corridors. Ventilation is achieved by way of a docking- style interface between the enclosure and the ceiling; and, inside the ventilated enclosure is an internal projector rack, a 110V power strip and an oversized optical glass port. Its redundant emergency braking system, low-voltage lockable controller, protective side-guards and phone home capability make it perhaps the industry’s most functional and safest projector-lift system available.

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