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Stackable Projector Frame

Mount projectors rigidly and quickly to Adaptive Fly-Ware’s Rigging Frame then fly them safely from under trussing, bolted under strut or suspended using wire rope.

These sturdy structural frames are fabricated from tough tubular aluminum alloy and stronger than what is found in service today, they are road tested and can handle the wear and tear of the rental and staging world.

Once in the air, aim the projector in all three axes using the fine-adjust controls at the back of the frame. Adaptive’s Fly-Ware Projector Frames are stackable too, up to three high, and they mate with other brands that are already in service.

Standard Features


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Standard Features

  • Suspend from Truss, Strut or Wire Rope
  • Stacks up to Three High
  • X, Y and Z Fine Adjustments
  • Rugged tubular aluminum alloy
  • Stackable with Other Brand Frames
  • Black Powder Coated Finish
  • Light Weight Aluminum Construction


Material: Alluminum alloy
Finish: Powder Coat
Color: Black
WLL: 180 lbs. / 82 Kg.
Design Factor: 5:1 ratio
Net Weight: 51 lbs./ 23.2 kg.
Max Stacking: Up to 3 frames
Max Projector Size: 29” Long, 23” Wide, 11” High
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