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Top Grid Rigging System VLA601i & VLA901i

The RS-VLAi-301-TG Top Grid assembly will fly up to 8 VLA-i-301 loudspeakers in a row into a line array configuration. Simply secure the front and rear speaker Straps Kit of the top speaker cabinet permanently underneath the Grid’s four load-rated interconnecting receptacles. Rigging Rails on the left and right sides of the Grid’s frame allow the entire cluster to be suspended and down tilted via multiple front-to-back rigging points. Place the cluster into a dead hang or tilt it down, up to 25° degrees. Two additional hang points are included to make the installation easier, one at the front center and the other at the rear center to be used for hoisting the cluster into position so that the permanent suspension cables can be secured. This easy to assemble kit comes with two load rated pivoting side straps that secure to the rear sides of the VLA-i cabinet and interlock up to the side straps of the next VLA-i cabinet. Fly clusters in medium to steep angles using the Universal Grid RS-56X168-UG. See data sheet for more details.



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