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Eyebolt Suspension Kit

All eyebolts and eye nuts, unless otherwise specified, are produced in the USA and structurally load-rated to an ultimate yield design factor of 5:1. The drop forge process assures that these parts are consistently manufactured to very exacting and predictable standards, especially important in overhead applications. The shoulder feature helps distribute side load forces into the object that it is attached too, rather than through its centerline.


When side loading the eyebolt, use the important working-load table and always side load forces in the direction of the arrows in the above illustrations, never through the center of the eye. There are no available working load values when side loading eye nuts. Use necessary caution when side loading eye nuts.

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Standard Features
Specifications/Package Contents
Optional Accessories

Standard Features

  • Provides rigging points

Specifications/Package Contents

Material: Structural Steel Alloy1 pc 1/2X13X5.5 Eyebolt
Finish: Powder Coat2 pc Flat washers
Color:: Flat Black1 pc Nyloc nut

Optional Accessories

Model #DescriptionWLL: lbs/kg
SAS-GLSAS-GL GridLink™ Connector kit2200/1000
SAS-GLTSAS-GLT GridLink™ T-Connector kit2200/1000
SAS-100-CASAS-100-CA GridLink™ Cross Arm kit300/136
SAS-EB-KTSAS-EB-KT Eyebolt suspension kit2200/1000
TCK-XXXSteerables™ Tilt Cable kit220/100




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