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Extension For Overhead Rigging Frame

Complete Family of Adjustable Rigging Components for JBL Professional ASB Sub-Woofer, ideal for use with stadium horns in sports stadiums and concert halls Adaptive has developed a family of rigging components that enable these cabinets to be assembled together and flown in a line array configuration. Choose from a variety of field proven rigging components to complete your sub array design installation. Start with Adaptives Top Fly Grids, which allows them to be suspended vertically. Interlocking and load-rated Front and Rear Strap kits (B) allow the cabinets to be assembled and locked together, thus directing sound per the venue’s acoustic requirements. These Strap Kits also interlock into the Top Fly Bar. Adaptive’s Line Array components are precision built and pre fitted before shipping to assure a trouble-free installation. These components are field proven already and installed in major pro football and university stadiums.



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