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Polestar® Outdoor Standard Pole Mounts

The Polestar® UniFrame is a complete mounting solution for outdoor loudspeakers.

These designs combine the attributes of the PoleStar® stainless “a-lacarte” version into just two models produced in steel and then galvanized to an outdoor weather rating. The UniFrame reduces the amount of parts required for the job site and saves installation time by combining the support arm and the pole adapter together into one assembly. In addition, two stainless steel band kits are included, which only require a socket set to assemble.

The support arm is welded together for extra strength and durability. Each arm includes three attach point mounting holes at the end of the
arm that allow the installer to select the desired distance between the loudspeaker and the pole. One design accommodates pole diameters from 2” to 6” (50-152 mm) and the other from 6” (152 mm +) diameter poles and columns and larger.

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