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Beam Clamp – BC-W3-8-6
Wood beam suspension with swivel eye

The BC-W3-8-6 provides a safe and secure overhead rigging point from underneath regular structural wood and Glulam overhead beams. This rugged, all-steel three-piece design will accommodate beam depths of 6” (155 mm) or more and widths from 3 inches wide to 8 inches wide (76-200 mm).

Its hang point eye is secured to a loading channel which is oriented underneath and in the center of the wood beam and swivels in the direction of the pull to minimize the side loading when a load is not vertical and splayed out from center. Two side plates anchor into the wood beam via lag bolts or through bolts, depending upon the application. If not certain, check with a structural engineer for the best method of attachment.

The two side plates support the load channel below, which slides through both side plates and lock in permanently via two angle tabs.

The beam clamp components are powder coated in a choice of two colors, semi-gloss black and off-white.

Key Features
Optional Accessories


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Key Features

  • Load-rated suspension point
  • Swiveling hang point
  • Powder Coat finish
  • Easy permanent installation


Material: Structural Steel 2 pcs Side plates
Weight: 13 lb / 5.9 Kg 1 pc. Load channel with swivel eye
Finish: Powder Coat 2 pcs locking angle and fasteners
Color: Black
WLL: 500 lb at 0 degrees WLL: 280 lb at 45 degrees
Design Factor: 5:1

Optional Accessories

  • See Rigging Components Datasheet
  • * Not for human suspension

*Review installations with a structural or building engineer if needed for the best method of attachment and to determine safe splay angles.

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