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MultiMount MM-017
25lb Indoor Speaker Wall Mount

The MultiMount MM-017 Indoor Speaker Wall Mount quickly and permanently attaches surround loudspeakers to auditorium walls and offers a full range of pan and tilt rotations.

This makes it easy to mount and aim surround speakers accurately in cinema applications.

Its extended support arm firmly anchors speakers even through deep sound panels and drapes (up to 2.5”/63.5 mm deep) and allows precise, no-drift rotational adjustments.

MultiMount MM-017 Indoor Speaker Wall Mount s unique support arm acts as a convenient carrying handle during installation. Once the mount has been inserted into place, the mounting plate does the job of handling all the weight. This leaves the installer’s hands free to complete the wiring and positioning process.

Standard Features
Optional Accessories


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Standard Features

  • Weather resistant for covered outdoor and indoor use
  • Separate pan, tilt and clockwise rotations
  • Infinite aiming and locking angles
  • No “memory” or “drift”
  • Accommodates speakers with 4 hole mounting
    patterns, including 2.00” x 4.25” and 2.75” x 5.00”


Material: Structural Steel Alloy 1 pc 2-axis mount
Finish:Powder Coat 1 pc Flat Washer
Color: Black 1 pc Screw ¼-20 X ½” Long
Design Factor: 10:1 ratio
WLL: 25 lbs. (11.4 Kg.) max
Net WGT: 1.5 lbs/.7 kg
Shipping WGT: 4 lbs/1.8 kg
Pack Count: 1 unit/carton



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