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Fixed Width U-Brackets
40-150lb Indoor Wall & Ceiling Speaker Mount

U-Brackets secure and safely aim loudspeakers from structural surfaces including; walls, ceilings, under balconies and overhangs. Loudspeakers rotate within the arms of the bracket to provide one axis of rotation.

Flexible features allow these mounts to be installed anywhere, under trussing, atop tripod stands or suspended from overhead with pipe or threaded rod.

English standard hardware and sound isolation gaskets are included in the kit and metric hardware is available separately (see below).

For anchoring to wall studs, mounting holes are offset in the brackets’ base on 12”, 16” and 20” centers. Side arm slots increase the bracket’s range of installation positions relative to the wall and sound isolation gaskets add a friction lock to help block sound from between the speaker and the wall.

Standard Features
Optional Accessories


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Fixed Width U-Bracket Installation Guides

Click the U-Bracket model of your choice below to download its corresponding installation guide.
UB-0650 UB-0750 UB-0800
UB-0850 UB-0880 UB-0900
UB-0950 UB-0980 UB-1000
UB-1050 UB-123-9 UB-1200
UB-1250 UB-1260 UB-1320
UB-148-9 UB-7215 UB-225-9
UB-263-12 UB-325-13 UB-MT-500NPT

Standard Features

  • Weather resistant for covered outdoor and indoor use
  • Packed in pairs


Material: Structural Steel Alloy
Down Tilt: 60 degrees
Finish: Powder Coat
Color: Black
WLL: See table below
Design Factor: 10:1 ratio
Pack Count: 2/carton


Optional Accessories


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